Le Mistral, Beautiful But Terrible 1997

The story is the closure, the film is how pain and anxiety are carried by the wind. There is no use trying to exert control, it only causes the pain/anxiety to linger. It must run its natural course. The Mistral can be beautiful and terrible, if it catches onto you/your soul becomes wrapped in its temper. It dances over the water changing its course to make your light unpredictable, terrible but beautiful ... solo or in tandem. The story is the jazz by which these events take place. To exert any force over the film would not be the story. I am consumed by the flame.

Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model 1924

Nellie Horton, when mistreated by her father, is taken in charge by Thomas Lipton. She grows up in poverty not knowing her true identity as the heiress to her mother's millions. Upon the death of her benefactor, she becomes a model in a fashionable shop. There she falls into the hands of her mother's unscrupulous nephew, who contrives to do away with her in order to obtain her fortune. ....

The City of Beautiful Girls 1950

An aqua-maid at Cypress Gardens in Florida tells of her profession - wins the 'Miss Citrus' contest and then has to decide whether she wants to leave and take a shot at stardom.

Over Beautiful British Columbia: An Aerial Adventure 2002

Over Beautiful British Columbia is a spectacular scenic tour of Canada's Pacific province. Savor the grandeur of British Columbia as you join a helicopter adventure from elegant Victoria to rugged Fort Nelson, from the ski slopes of Whistler to the sun-drenched Okanagan shores, from the razor spine of Mount Robson to the primeval coast of the Queen Charlotte Islands.

The Man Who Shot Beautiful Women

The gripping story of photographer Erwin Blumenfeld, who survived two world wars to become one of the world's most highly-paid fashion photographers and a key influence on the development of photography as an art form

The Women of Fast Food 2007

"Tachiguishi", that is to say, grifters who make it their profession to "eat-and-run", was created by the world-famous filmmaker, Mamoru Oshii. In 2006, he directed "Tachigui -- the Amazing Lives of the Fast Food Grifters", a feature film which was made using a new technique called superlive-mation. It combined fact and fiction to tell daring stories of professional grifters, leaving viewers with a feeling of nostalgia for the Showa era. Following that, another movie has been completed. This new live-action film, "Eat and Run - 6 Beautiful Grifters" was made with the objective of filming its main actresses as beautifully as possible. The film is made up of six episodes directed by six different directors who rose to the challenge, two of whom are Oshii himself.

Nature's Sweethearts 1963

Nudist boat trips, nude horseback riding, a nekkid fashion show (!?) and a nudist wedding all figure in this vintage skin flick starring "Famous Figure Model Queen" Maria Stinger.

The Most Beautiful Country in the World

The film follows a group of young migrants in Vienna who break through the administrative labyrinths of checks and gaining status and residence. We see their anxieties, mutual encouragement, and achievements - while mastering the foreign language, they demonstrate skills in their professions, with clarity and knowledge on entrance exams for schools and universities. It is also a story about new and old friendships, about the feeling of freedom in the new environment, with out the pressure of war and the patriarchal stance of the family life.

Beautiful Liverpool

There are more gyms and tanning salons per head in Liverpool than anywhere else in the UK. We meet the eccentrics that define Europe's capital city of beauty, including: tan-obsessed Carolyn, who's willing to inject herself with chemicals to darken her skin, Liverpool's "King of Bling", a celebrity hairdresser, and many more.

13 Most Beautiful: Jonas Mekas

Forty-five years after Andy Warhol’s seminal SCREEN TESTS, New York artist Conrad Ventur gathered together thirteen beautiful people from the Factory demimonde to recreate their earlier portraits. The new films follow Warhol’s minimalist design both in terms of framing and duration (a three minute shot projected back at a slightly slower speed), though the sense of “passing time” now registers in terms of decades rather than minutes. This installment features filmmaker Jonas Mekas, lifelong champion of independent cinema and avatar of the Lower East Side. - Max Goldberg