Transatlantic 1960

An FBI man and English girl solve mystery surrounding the loss of an airliner.

Inteqam 2001

Vijay Kumar Singh lives in a big apartment building with his parents. He and his three male friends are thrilled and intrigued by the arrival of a new family in their neighborhood, especially by a young and attractive Shoma Kapoor. To add to this, she also gets admitted in the same college as they, and all four males attempt to romance her in their own way - and each one believes that he has succeeded. Rumours abound, and Shoma's mom comes to know about them, resulting in Shoma having a open...

Birds of Prey 1927

Helen Wayne and Archie Crossley, two clever pickpockets, rob J. Hamilton Smith, a well-known metropolitan banker, and he is later recognized by one of their gang as a former prisonmate; they demand a price for their silence, and he is forced to accede.

Points and Lines 1958

Based on Matsumoto Seicho's classic mystery novel of the same name, the story centers around a group of detectives who are determined to find the truth behind an apparent double suicide.

Krok do tmy 1938

A dashing but mysterious man saves a gambler from suicide, crashes the posh party of a prominent industrialist, falls in love with his daughter, and finds himself in a web of intrigue revolving around her blackmailing fiance and a gang of counterfeiters.

Belonging 1922

In Paris a Count's enforced wife takes the blame when her ex-lover is killed by the diplomat she loves.

The Sadistic Lover 1966

A man goes to a "psychic adviser" with a problem--he's a "peeping Tom". He's also, as the adviser is slowly realizing, a psychotic serial killer who can't help bragging about the rapes and murders he's committed. The adviser tries to figure out a way to turn him over to the police without becoming his next victim.

Is That Clear, My Friend? 2000

A cruel world of the Yugoslavian prison during 1980s, based on real events about a man who gets life sentence for committed crime.

Song of Warsaw 1953

A cynical tale of two liquor smugglers, who struggle with life, love and lust. A seedy love triangle is unavoidable.