Dead Girls Don't Cry

Dead Girls Don't Cry

The sisters of Kapa - Bay Sorority House are mysteriously vanishing. The girls have been abducted and locked up in a horse stable, forced into sexual slavery and depravity, which leads to a fight to their final breath. Electric ear devices are planted to prevent escape with electric shock therapy. The diabolical family is an incest ridden tribe of an obese woman that never stops eating and a midget with a voice box for parents. Their two sons are repulsive, drooling inbreds with speech problems and a scabbed head. The daughter is a beautiful, young woman that is covered in scars, mentally and physically. Dead Girls Don't Cry is an Exploitation/ Revenge film that combines much more into one and pushes the boundaries of today's Horror.

Doll Killer

Doll Killer 1987

You've met Chucky the killer doll, now meet Charlie Crandall the DOLL KILLER. From the grim urban squalor a tortured man is compelled to murder women and leave dolls at each crime scene. Is all as it seems or is something more sinister behind the killing spree? Doll restoration artist Stephanie is about to find out when she is stalked during the week of Halloween, 1987.

Yo-kwon Gwoi-kwon

Yo-kwon Gwoi-kwon 1982

Kim Chi-hwan, the magistrate of the Ok-ra county, wiped out the family and relatives of Lee Min-bu with his wicked tricks. In order to avenge her family, the spirit of Min-bu's wife, Yun, is reborn. Yun invokes the spirits of Jang-hwa Hong-ryon and coaxes them to take revenge upon their stepmother Heo. (The stepmother Heo had been called back to earth and presently living with the magistrate. She is his servant, carrying out his murderous crimes.) Jang-hwa Hong-ryon is reborn. Yun also calls upon the spirit of maiden Suk who had killed herself when Chi-hwan raped her one day before her wedding. The four reborn women take their revenge and then return to the spirit world.

The Entwined

The Entwined

A couple discover that their destinies are entwined with an ancient and powerful spirit whose evil threatens to engulf them both.

A Young Lady's Resentment

A Young Lady's Resentment 1974

As the king succeeds to the throne, His Excellency Kim Han-Jik commits suicide after he entrusted his children to his faithful servant Lee Kang-Hak since he is afraid of being invited to a disaster. Newly charged lord of the town harbors an evil heart to Suk-Yong, Kim's daughter, rather he is on the edge of being killed by her. He is saved by Kang-Hak who kills her and Kim's sons. After that Kang-Hak is on a streak of success and finally becomes the lord of that town. One day Suk-Young's ghost appears to torture Kang-Hak while villagers are killed every day until Kang-Hak is the only survivor. On the day even Kang-Hak is supposed to be killed, His Excellency Kim's ghost takes other ghosts. After a while Kang-Hak wakes up and sets up a tombstone to console them.

The Evil Girl

The Evil Girl 1982

In ancient times, a woman plagued with nightly episodes of sleepwalking finds herself subject to a curse that causes her to seek blood. An evil wizard is responsible.


Karma 1988

Governor Heo, worried over the plague that's sweeping the country, rebukes the Kus who make amulets to ward off evil. Heo castrates the husband when he makes superstitious claims and takes the wife as his mistress. Heo continues to be tormented by hallucinations and nightmares and begins to blame it on the Kus' curse. He kills the couple at their reunion and unable to ward off his bad karma, dies from leprosy.

Magic Amethyst

Magic Amethyst 1990

Here's a fast paced action/comedy about a young couple who inadvertently are target of a blood cult from india when a dying hindu priest entrusts them with a sacred statue.

Daughter of a Ghost

Daughter of a Ghost 1983

In a valley village in Hwanghae-do province, there is a legend about an old wolf that has lived there for a thousand years and takes the form of a woman to make trouble. Ok-hwa is the only daughter of Kim Jwa-su. She loses her parents to the plotting of Wol-sun, her stepmother. Unjustly accused of being a 'mad wolf,' Ok-hwa is sentenced to death. The ghost of Ok-hwa's mother, Kang, tries to save her poor daughter. The ghost of Kang punishes the evil Wol-sun and her lover, Choi Si-baek for their sins. However, Buddhist monk Mu-ryang teaches her that the life and death of humans as well as emotions like joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure are transient. He takes Ok-hwa's hand and they leave. Sixty years later, a descendent of Si-baek is at a small Buddhist temple in Mt. Gu-wol when he sees Si-baek and Wol-sun's…

Video Macumba

Video Macumba 1991

Video compilation by Mike Patton featuring various shocking film clips such as coprophagia, BDSM, Budd Dwyer's suicide, a young boy drowning, Mr. Bungle's music video for “Travolta”, skits starring Mike Patton, and much, much more.

The Mummy's Dungeon

The Mummy's Dungeon 1993

Innocent models become human sacrifices in order to bring 2,000 year old mummies back to life! One by one they die, either by the blade, or by the savage attack of a mummy! For 2,000 years the mummies have lusted for a woman's body! And now they have six terrified victims! Clancey's character is bound and gagged and can only helplessly watch as the killer stabs her, cuts open her chest, and pulls out her heart! Will any of the women survive? Starring Michelle Caporaletti, Amanda Madison, Dawn Lewis, Clancey McCauley, Launa Kane, Cristie Clark, and Dave Castiglione as "The Mummy".

Horror Express

Horror Express 1994

Korean horror anthology: 1. Subway Murder 2. Chrysanthemum 3. 13 Persons

Fatal Nightmare

Fatal Nightmare 1991

When a young blind woman's father is brutally murdered her life will never be the same... The murderer is now after her!


Astonished 1988

A European woman living in Greenwich Village sees her life starting to come apart. She's broke, seems to be hallucinating and seeing people she dreams about appear in her real life, and on top of that finds herself accused of a pair of murders.


Sakthi 1980

The story opens with two men travelling in an ambassador's car to a bungalow, not knowing how to get there. On the way they see a black magician who is Jayan's character's uncle. They ask him the way and he points towards the bungalow. After reaching the bungalow they start talking about the area, and realise that it is deserted. They meet Jayan's character, a shapeless ghost who tells his life story and how he liked his body.

Last Halloween

Last Halloween

In this short film, Sarah and Matt have a 'unique' relationship. But when they throw a Halloween party, things take a turn for the worse.

Creep 3

Creep 3

Second sequel to the 2014 found footage feature film.


Chimera 1991

A journalist investigates the death of his girl friend at a fertility clinic where she worked and uncovers a plot to create a new breed of human based on crossing the genetics of a man and an ape.


Revestriction 1989

A woman sees the ceiling of her apartment begin to inexorably close in. She tries to escape, but her front door locks and her window is too high to jump. Panic ensues.