Detatoko Princess 1997

After a prank gone wrong, Princess Lapis must undergo a long journey back home to the Diamond Palace. With her for this adventure are a young sprite, a directionally challenged immortal, and her math tutor. Armed with the powerful magic eraser, and an unmatched love of pudding, Lapis continues forth righting the injustices of the world and defeating magical foes.

Snake Queen's Love Story 1989

Snake Queen Nyi Blorong (a paranormal being) saves Basuki from the mob and makes him rich in the process, but instead of making offerings to her, which is his duty as her follower, he falls in love with another woman named Warsih. Warsih, on the other hand, is not at all interested in Basuki as she is in love with Kuncoro. Both Warsih and Kuncoro are suspicious of how Basuki became rich. Then they ask a psychic about Basuki. This makes Nyi Blorong even more furious. When she seeks advice from her “superior”, she is told to return to the “spirit” world she belongs to. But then, Ki Sanca, a psychic who has a vendetta against Nyi Blorong, tries to attack her.

Angelito mío 1998

Heaven is in chaos. God left for Earth to seek faith and hope in humanity. San Wichón stays in charge of the Celestial Senate and, in his campaign for the governorship, things get out of control. Disillusioned because Heaven is no longer a paradise, the girl angel María de las Estrellas (Mary of the Stars) descends to Earth to look for Heaven's top boss.

Two White Snake Ghosts 1934

The white snake demon transforms into a beautiful woman when she is attracted to a man named Khouw Han Boen. The two marry. Later, Han Boen finds out that his now-pregnant wife is the white snake demon in disguise.

Neverwhere 1968

A meek office worker finds himself flung into a fantasy world as a naked muscleman. An early version of the Den character, known from the comic magazine Heavy Metal and the movie by the same name.

The Kurodians

Kuroda Island has been colonised by Thyyland for hundreds of years. In the last 30 years, many Kurodians have been granted Thyy citizenship but in reality are still being treated as second-class citizens. Many Kurodians are gifted with football talent and are called upon to play for the Thyy national team, their presence causing many problems. Also, the Kuroda Independence Movement that has been strengthening lately, causing much anti-Kurodian sentiment in Thyy society...

Burglars of "Baghdad" Castle 1926

In order to win the hand of a princess, a man must defeat an evil dragon and claim its treasured magic stone. Upon his return, Baghdad has been invaded and he must use the stone to defeat his new enemy.

The Crocodile Men 1971

Based on a legend in Buddhist mythology, this tells the story of a religious disciple who defies rules and reads from an ancient scripture that turns him into a huge crocodile.

The Vampire Combat 2001

Master Maolung is so obsessed with the supernatural that he keeps an eye on the "yin" wife of his eldest disciple, Hu Yaotu. Hu succeeds in keeping the master concealed. A century later, everybody has a new life without memory of the past. Maolung's loyal but evil follower swears to take revenge and save his master from the subdued world at any price.

Jack and the Beanstalk 1917

Jack exchanges his cow for some magic beans. The beans grow overnight into a beanstalk, which Jack climbs, arriving at a castle that is his. Jack sets a deal with the giant in exchange for their fortune.

The Monster Within

After his wife’s mysterious death, a father and his daughter move to an isolated town in the south of Chile hoping for a fresh start. Soon, both are involved in strange crimes linked to ancient native witchcraft.

The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse is a magic-realist drama that centres on the eldest child of two women, Beth, who discovers a portal into the past on their family property. On the cusp of her widowed mother Ruth's sixtieth birthday and the return of her dysfunctional siblings Drew, Doonie and Raf, Beth is swept away by visions of their idyllic childhood and re-lives the moments that defined her adolescence. Despite Ruth's warnings, and as real-world tensions grow between the siblings, Beth becomes dependant on the greenhouse, soon realising it isn't the paradise she believed it to be.

The White-Bone Sword (Part 4) 1963

Wu Sheung-fung risks her life to save Wong Tin-ho with the help of the white bone sword. Meanwhile the three devils known as Heaven, Earth and Man return to the Devil Mountain with the coveted Swords. Chung Ching, who has divined the recovery of the White-bone Grass by Wu and others, dispatches Kam Yan-kit to abduct Wong to the Black Hair Cave. Luk Fong-fei, Wu and other rescuers are vanquished by Black Hair one by one. Old Devilish Eccentric hurries to their rescue and heals Wong's wound as Wong reconciles with Kam. Kam secretly returns to Chung Ching Cave to seek the precious swords when Wong and others raid the den and are again dispatched away with fakes.